Intelligent Financial Storytelling for busy finance teams

The cockpit to understand a business.
Beautifully visualised.
Finance reports shouldn’t be ugly and boring.

zenflow helps businesses tell better stories with beautiful and simple trend charts.

Visualise revenue and expenses
Get an instant snapshot of company financial health with a comparison of net earnings over a period of time.

Track gross and net margins
Analyse profitability of core business activities over time by plotting monthly gross and net margins in a single trend chart.

Get an overview of cash flow changes
Assess company liquidity on a high-level basis – with simple visualisation tools to report cash balance, track change in cash, and evaluate net cash.

zenflow for CEOs

Finance does not have to be scary. zenflow allows you to make sense out of complexity, giving a full story almost instantaneously and empowering you to make strategic company decisions quickly.

zenflow for CFOs

Harness the power of financial storytelling to communicate effectively with management and other stakeholders.

Instant Group Consolidation

Instantly combine financial data from different companies into a seamless group consolidated report for internal and external stakeholders.


Automated Schedules

Automatically generate a breakdown for any accounts, allowing you to quickly extract key information.

Financial Trends

Condense huge amounts of data into a single visual dashboard, giving you an overview of your company’s financial health – all at one glance.

Cash Flow Forecast

Understand your cash position, today and in the future.

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